6 Reasons Why Chaining Your German Shepherd Outside Is A Bad Idea

German Shepherds make great guard dogs. Though they look menacing, these dogs are highly trainable, and you can use their learning skills to keep them sober. However, if you choose to chain your German Shepherd all the time, you may do more harm than good to your pet.

Chained dogs are about three times more likely to bite than dogs who are not, according to the American Humane Association. It is also found that 25% of fatal dog attacks were from dogs left isolated and chained outside. Despite the statistics, owners of more than 200,000 dogs in the United States choose to chain their dogs outside their homes.

Some reasons why these owners prefer chaining their dogs outside include the following reasons.

  • Property has no fenced yard.
  • A owner does not know how to train his dog to behave properly inside the house.
  • Owners want to protect their property from intruders.
  • Dogs are not allowed in their rented homes.
  • Owner does not know the harmful effects of chaining his dog.

There are many reasons to back the argument that chaining your German Shepherd can do more harm than good. Above all, there are many available options to prevent your German Shepherd from injuring others without having to chain him in an isolated corner of your yard.

Here are some reasons why you must not consider chaining your German Shepherd outside your home.

Chaining Your German Shepherd Can Make Him Overly Territorial

German Shepherds, especially males, are naturally protective. They can become extremely territorial and aggressive without proper training and socialization. When a German Shepherd is contained in a small space, his guarding instinct becomes intense. Chaining your German Shepherd in the backyard for long periods of time can make him become overly-protective of his territory. He may bite or attack anyone within his reach, especially people or animals he does not know.


Chaining Your German Shepherd Can Harm Him Psychologically

Dogs are overtly social and they thrive when living with their families. In fact, German Shepherds love their owners and are highly likely to suffer from severe separation anxiety when their owners are away for long. Chaining your German Shepherd outside for long periods of time can take a toll on his emotional health, and it can make him unhappy, anxious, and disturbed. When dogs are psychologically unstable, they are usually unable to contain their excitement and aggression.


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Chaining Your German Shepherd Can Make Him Overly-Defensive

Most pet dogs do not want to engage in fights or dangerous situations unless it is really called for. When you chain your German Shepherd, you eliminate his chance to defend himself or run away from the danger. This makes him overly defensive and abnormally aggressive.


Chaining Your German Shepherd Can Hurt Him

Dogs cannot help but hurt themselves when they are desperate. Some tend to pull their chains, as they attempt to go beyond their reach. Such continuous pulling and tugging can cause their necks to become wounded and injured. Some dogs even chew their own body parts while trying to escape from their confinement.


Chained Dogs Lack the Care They Need

Chaining your German Shepherd outside also exposes him to extreme weather conditions, poisonous insects, and even wild animals if you live in an area where wildlife is abundant. Most dogs chained outside also get sick without their owners noticing.

Such dogs often stay put for hours without water, food, or shelter. Their chains also get tangled a lot limiting their movements further.


Chained and Tethered Dogs Rarely Get their Social Needs

Sadly, chained dogs also do not receive the affection and attention they need. Chaining your German Shepherd prevents him from interacting and socializing with other animals and people. The lack of socialization is a major reason why dogs are unable to react normally. This makes them frustrated, uneasy, and anxious. A mentally unstable dog is more likely to bite.

Chaining your German Shepherd for long periods of time is a cruel and inhumane way of raising a pet. It severely impacts the physical, psychological, and emotional wellbeing of dogs. Chained dogs are often the ones who turn more aggressive and more likely to attack. Owners are also likely to miss out the love and affection of their dogs.

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