Adorable German Shepherd Puppy Musters The Courage To Fight The Broom!

Prepare to go awww as this German Shepherd puppy musters the courage to fight the broom!

This is Gina and she is a 2-month-old German Shepherd puppy!

For a puppy this young, everything’s new and can be quite terrifying.

Adorable-German-Shepherd-Puppy-Musters-The-Courage-To-Fight-The-Broom-627x349 (1)

German Shepherd Немецкая овчарка/Youtube

The person sweeping the courtyard tries to scare the little pup with the outdoor broom.

She sweeps the floor near the pup and little Gina is so scared she keeps running away!

When Gina gets cornered by the evil broom, she decides it’s time to fight back!

The brave German Shepherd puppy lunges at the broom, chasing it and forcing it to back away!

And she succeeds!

Now that the pup has the hang of it she goes into attack mode – chasing off the dreaded broom with the cutest yaps, pounces and nips.

Aww! This brave girl will make an awesome crime fighter!

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