4 Possible Reasons Why Your German Shepherd Dog Stares At You While He Poops

Does your German Shepherd dog maintain an eye contact with you while he does a number 2? Are you wondering why your German Shepherd Dog stares at you while he poops?

Some dogs do stare at their owners while they defecate and if you’re one of those owners, you’re probably wondering your dog does it. The thing is there is no concrete answer and there different possible reasons why your German Shepherd does this behavior but here are different possibilities why a dog stares at his owner while poops, according to some experts.


Your German Shepherd Dog stares are you while he poops to ask for your approval

Your German Shepherd does not want to displease you. Remember the moments when you had to say “No” every time he has an accident in the hallway? Your German Shepherd hates the word “No” more than you think and he doesn’t want to make the mistake of pooping in the wrong places again.


Your German Shepherd Dog stares at you while he poops probably because wishes to be rewarded

Dog treats are the best motivators for dogs. If you rewarded your GS with food or treats when he was still being potty-trained, there is a possibility that your German Shepherd dog stares at you while he poops to show that he’s being a “good dog” and that he deserves a reward.


Your German Shepherd Dog stares at you while he poops because he feels exposed and vulnerable

Whenever your German Shepherd Dog poops, he curves his body and is in a vulnerable position. Your dog may stare at you while he does this because it’s an instinct he inherited from his wolf ancestors who had to fend for themselves thousands of years ago. By making an eye contact, your dog probably wants to make sure that you got his back.

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And maybe – just maybe – that’s the reason why your German Shepherd follows you to the bathroom.


Your German Shepherd Dog stares at you while he poops because he wants his privacy

Who’s staring at who? Is your GS staring at you or are you staring at him? You may not notice it because you’re mind is pre-occupied and you want to make sure your dog poops at the right spot. But perhaps it was you who is staring at your dog and he’s just staring right back at you.

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