German Shepherd Behavior: How to Make Your Pet Canine Loyal and Responsible

German Shepherd Behavior

Understanding German Shepherd behavior is a must before deciding to get one. While German Shepherds are genuinely gentle and friendly dogs, they are known to exhibit certain behavior problems. Rest assured, with proper training and attention, your German shepherd will learn to become obedient and responsible with time. Here are a few tips on how to train your dog:

Become a Responsible Dog Owner

First off, as a pet owner, it is your job to ensure your dog is happy and has everything they need. Feed your pet high quality and low caloric dog food to keep them healthy. Additionally, make sure your German shepherd gets plenty of exercise. These dogs are active and can easily get bored around the house.

Dogs do no not possess a sense of morality and are not able to differentiate between what is “right” and “wrong.” Sometimes, even the most well behaved dogs act out if they are deprived of their needs or are experiencing pain. If your dog is acting in an unusual manner, take them to the vet and have them checked.


Dog and especially young puppies love to chew. While this may keep them calm and composed, it can cause them to ruin cushions and bedding around the house. Chewing is a nature behavior in dogs, hence it is advised you purchase your German shepherd tons of chew toys. This will prevent them from damaging expensive furniture and basically tearing the house down. However, purchase high quality chew toys and not the ones made from inexpensive plastics. These toys can be detrimental to your dog’s health and may result in health problems in the future.

It is important your dog’s chewing needs are satisfied because these German Shepherds have sharp teeth and can destroy most materials. If your dog chews into something sharp, they can break their teeth or even choke. Purchase safe chew toys for your dog. If you spend hours away from home, consider crate training your dog and confine him to chew toys to satisfy their chewing needs.

Train Them

Training is an exciting yet challenging process that is an integral part of any dog’s lifestyle. Additionally, it will help you control them when they are indulging in disruptive behavior. Obedience training provides your dog the necessary skills to become a responsible canine. These classes will prevent your dog from leaping or barking at strangers. Offer your pet compelling rewards that will encourage them to remain well-behaved, offer them edible and bite sized treats or persuade them to remain well behaved by letting them play with their favorite toys.

How To Stop Your German Shepherd From Biting and Nipping

If you do not have time or are finding it difficult to train your dog at home, consider enrolling them in formal puppy classes. Most young dogs enjoy the experience so much that you may have to enroll them over and over again. Some sessions include the dog owners too, allowing you to spend quality time with your pet.


This is a habit which needs to be discouraged and controlled immediately. Dogs that are fed from the table are likely to beg. Never give your dog food from the table while you are eating with your family. Human food can result in a number of health concerns in dogs. In fact, some foods, such as avocadoes and grapes are toxic for canines. If you start feeding your dog scraps from the table, they will learn to beg for more food, hence they will develop this habit from the beginning. If your dog starts to whine and cry, confine them during human meal times.

Leash Training

Eventually, you will have to teach your dog to walk properly on a leash. There is nothing worse than having to run after a pet on the street when you are unable to control them. Leashing training can be quite challenging because dogs tend to get excited once they step outdoors and are eager to explore their surroundings. Teach your dog to walk on a leash without pulling. Try to be stern and gentle at the same time. If your dog is misbehaving or won’t stop pulling, become still. Eventually they will learn that pulling their leash will not get them anywhere.
These are some key tips you can follow to improve your German Shepherd’s behavior and make him more loyal and responsible.

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