German Shepherd Carries Kitten Upstairs And Proceeds To Snuggle With Him After!

This is Tennyson! Watch as this sweet German Shepherd carries a kitten upstairs!

Tennyson and his owners have welcomed an addition to their family. It’s a kitten and the German Shepherd fell in love with him easily.



In the video, Tennyson can be seen guiding the little feline who was struggling to climb up the stairs. The little kitten has short and little legs and it seems that Tennyson cannot help but worry for their new baby.

After a few moments, the worried German Shepherd decides it’s time to intervene. He tries to grab the little kitty by the nape but failed. The GS knows he has to be gentle or else, he’ll hurt the little kitten. And after a few attempts, Tennyson was able to grab the kitten in his mouth and proceeds to climb up.

After reaching the last step, sweet big brother Tennyson drops the little kitten and proceeds to snuggle with him right after. Sweet!

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