German Shepherd Detects Cancer With 88% Accuracy

Nothing beats the canine nose. An amazing German Shepherd detects cancer with 88% accuracy!

In a medical trial, Frankie the German Shepherd mix sniffed out cancer in 30 out of 34 cases.

Frankie was trained to lie down if he smells thyroid cancer in a urine sample. Despite giving two false positives, his nose has an amazing 88% success rate.

Researchers at the University of Arkansas for Medical Sciences are in awe of Frankie’s  unbelievable sense of smell.

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“This is a fascinating, interesting study,” Endocrinologist Dr. Jason Wexler said. “It has high potential in areas of the world which may not have access to biopsy techniques.”

Dr. Emma Smith, of Cancer Research UK, said, “Carrying out lab tests to understand what the dogs are smelling might help the development of ‘electronic noses’.”

Another cancer-detecting dog, Daisy, made it to the news last year. The Labrador detected Dr. Claire Guest’s undiagnosed breast cancer. She also went on to detect the disease in 550 samples of breath, skin, and urine.


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A research team at the University of Arkansas for Medical Sciences (UAMS) had previously shown that a dog can be trained to tell the difference between urine samples of patients with and without thyroid cancer.

“The capability of dogs to smell minute amounts is unbelievable,” Dr. Donald Bodenner, the chief of endocrine oncology at UAMS, said. “The medical community over the next few years is going to have a great appreciation for them.”

This new approach is also being tested to find dangerous infections such as Clostridium difficile.

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The Arkansas laboratory is also helping to find new homes for IED detecting military dogs who worked in Iraq and Afghanistan. These former bomb-sniffers will be trained to hunt for cancer.


Source: Mirror

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