German Shepherd Dog Helps Girl Pull Out Loose Tooth

German Shepherds are very versatile. Their skills range from being gentle family dogs to kickass police heroes. But in this video, one German Shepherd is given a chance to become something GSD’s aren’t usually known for. The pooch has become a dentist for a moment!

‎Last week, Carlos Vasquez shared this video of his 10-year-old daughter Sidney to their family dentist’s Facebook wall.

The young girl tied her tooth using a dental floss before tying the other to her furry best friend’s harness.

Sidney then throws a ball – sending the GSD away and ultimately pulling her loose tooth. And it was a success!

The girl proudly flashes her beautiful smile, before rinsing out her mouth and looking for her extracted tooth.

German Shepherd Dog Helps Girl Pull Out Loose Tooth

Aside from the relief she felt from having her tooth removed, Sidney has also received a smartphone for overcoming the challenge.

Thank you for helping out this little girl, big doggie.

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