German Shepherd Dragged Behind Scooter Finds a Loving Home

The German Shepherd who was filmed being dragged behind a scooter in Mission, Texas has finally found a loving home. Father Roy Snipes of Our Lady of Guadalupe Catholic Church adopted the female German Shepherd named G2 and gave her a new name: Ceniza, which means ash in Spanish.

Snipes, who is also sometimes called the Cowboy Priest, said he chose the name because Ash Wednesday was approaching. The priest is known to have a soft spot for animals and has been adopting stray and abused animals.

“I’m sure this Sunday everybody is going to want to see her,” Snipes told “So if she’s calmed down enough I’ll bring her into mass with me.”

The priest knows G2’s former owner, Mario Cardona. Cardona was accused of animal cruelty after he was filed dragging the German Shepherd behind his scooter. Cardona attends Our Lady of Guadalupe.

The video went viral last month, sparking outrage and prompting a police investigation. The 59-year-old suspect is charged with cruelty to non-livestock animals, a Class A misdemeanor. He is currently detained at the Hidalgo County jail.

“There’s more goodness in him than he even realizes,” Snipes said. “But he’s a roughneck. I don’t think he ever really wanted to hurt his dog.”

Animal Control turned the German Shepherd over to Snipes, who is already caring for 9 other dogs.

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