German Shepherd On Euthanasia List Because Of Severe Leg Wounds Gets A Second Leash In Life Thanks To Vet Ranch

This is Queenie. This poor German Shepherd dog had been on a shelter’s euthanasia list because she had severe leg wounds. Luckily, she was pulled out just in time and taken to Vet Ranch!

Dr. Karri and her staff took the German Shepherd in. Poor Queenie had lots of health issues that needed immediate treatment. She had several sores all over her body, demodex, and terrible wounds on her right front leg. It’s was so bad that her bones and tendon were showing!


Vet Ranch/Youtube

Poor Queenie was in a lot of pain and couldn’t stop shaking!

The vet sedated the dog to get a closer look at the wounds before proceeding to clean them and remove surrounding dead tissue. After dressing the wound, Dr. Karri said that if the dressings were replaced daily the pup would heal up fine.

Dr. Karri also shaved patches of the dog’s fur to treat her demodex.

After only a day, Queenie’s wounds began to heal nicely making Dr. Karri is very optimistic about the dog’s recovery.

Day by day, the German Shepherd’s wounds and injuries improved and after just nine weeks Queenie turned into a beautiful, sweet, and healthy dog!

She has put on some weight and her wounds have healed up perfectly, though Dr. Karri notes the pup now has reduced feeling in her right paws, which could be a sign of early arthritis. Other than that, Queenie isn’t going to be stopped from having fun, giving and receiving lots of love, and simply living life to the fullest!


Vet Ranch/Youtube

It’s so amazing to see a pooch who was previously on death row because of a health problem turn into a beautiful dog who just loves life and the people around her!

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Queenie has already gone to her forever home where she receives lots of TLC!

Thank you for saving this pooch, Dr. Karri! You rock!

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