German Shepherd Protests As His Owner Sings In the Bathroom!

Watch as this German Shepherd protests as his owner sings in the bathroom! German Shepherds do love being with their owners wherever they do but that does not mean they are okay with everything!

This German Shepherd’s name is Maximus. This pooch succeeded in following his owner to the bathroom and little does he know, he’s trapped and he has to endure minutes of auditory teasing from his human. His owner is singing Eduard Khil’s popular “Trolololo” song and he just cannot help howl to it — as protest!

Rumble Viral/Youtube

Hear Maximus’ owner sing as he releases a series of “awwwoooooo’s” along with it! It’s as if this German Shepherd is saying “noooooooooooo”!

On contrary, it seems that the German Shepherd’s owner thinks he’s actually singing along the music but we’ll let you be the judge!

So is Maximus singing with his owner or protesting against it? How funny!


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