German Shepherd Puppy Thinks She’s A Human Baby!

This is Karma, an adorable little German Shepherd puppy who thinks she’s a human baby!

Most puppies are content with a chew toy and socks, but this young German Shepherd pup from Welling, Kent in the UK is different. She is a baby and she likes sucking on her pacifier, sleeping in a baby trolley, and being fed with a bottle.

Karma started mimicking her owner’s baby grandson when she was 3 months-old.


Photo: Caters News Agency

“Karma and Kayden are almost like brother and sister at times, I’m sure she copies what he’s doing and because it’s like she’s a human baby too,” Iris Armstrong, the dog’s owner, said.

Now at five months-old, it seems that the German Shepherd pup believes she’s a human.

Karma began by stealing pacifiers from her owner’s grandson. She also regularly sleeps in the baby’s trolley and even feeds from milk bottles. The baby dog sleeps in a little onesie.


Photo: Caters News Agency

“She first started with dummies at three months-old, it was a little pink one that she pinched it from the side and just sat there suckling on it like a baby,” Iris said. “Whenever she gets a bottle she chews on it and then drinks the milk too, it’s pretty hilarious and we try not to let her do it too often.”


Photo: Caters News Agency

Iris found it initially funny when her pup started copying her two-year-old grandson, Kayden. But now, even after putting her in a playpen,Karma still manages to escape to play with her human best friend.

“Karma turned out to be so fully of energy she even escapes when I give her a time-out in the playpen meant for children,” she said. “Whenever she escapes she sneaks back to go and play with Kayden again, whenever she sees him she gets so excited it’s so sweet.”

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Photo: Caters News Agency

Of course, the bond between Kayden and Karma is inevitable.


Photo: Caters News Agency

“She’s always pinching my grandson’s onesie too, we put her in it a couple of times and now she absolutely loves wearing it, she always runs off or poses with it,” Iris said. “Quite often my grandson and Kayden fall asleep together and I have to put a blanket over them both, with one of their teddies.She’s like Kayden’s little playmate and I’m sure that as they continue to grow older together they’ll become best friends.”


Source: Mail Online

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