German Shepherd Rescue Dog Leads Divers to the Body of Missing Boy

David Puckett’s body has been found on January 3. A German Shepherd rescue dog led the divers to find the body of the missing boy.

Puckett was last seen at around 4:30 p.m. Saturday near the 15700 block of East Amherst Place. Some sources said the boy left his home after having an argument with one of his siblings. According to the police, Puckett has a history of wandering off. More than 150 people from different agencies united searching high and low for the boy since New Year’s Eve – the same day the boy went missing. Two hundred volunteers helped search on New Year’s Day and the day after that. But despite their number, they were not able to find trace of the boy.

On Tuesday, Divers found the poor boy’s body in a pond at Olympic Park thanks to the help of Boulder County Open Space officer Jeff Hiebert and his canine partner, Dax. Divers found Puckett’s body just under the ice.

German Shepherd Rescue Dog Leads Divers to the Body of Missing Boy 1

Photo from Aurora Police

“We never want to find someone that doesn’t have a good ending,” Hiebert told KUSA.  “It is very difficult because usually when you come to a search, you’re dealing with a person’s worst moments in their lives,” he added.

For Hiebert and his 3-year-old partner, the search was two years in the making. It took them more than 100 hours of training to certify the German Shepherd as a rescue dog.

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“It’s pretty amazing what these dogs can do with their noses,” Hiebert told KUSA said.  “[It’s particularly incredible] in a city where you have, you know, literally hundreds and hundreds of people and he [Dax], was able to define, match, that scent to one person out of all those people.”

German Shepherd Rescue Dog Leads Divers to the Body of Missing Boy


Hiebert imported Dax from the Czech Republic three years ago to train him as a rescue dog and a loving member of his family.

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On Wednesday, investigators said there was no obvious sign of trauma in the boy’s body. But how the boy ended up in the pond remains a question and the police are conducting an investigation to fight out how it happened.

“It is with a heavy heart that we have to report that we were notified by the Arapahoe County Coroner’s Office that the boy who was discovered in the icy pond in Olympic Park has been positively identified as David Puckett,” police said in a news release. “An autopsy was performed today, no traumatic injuries were identified and the cause and manner of death are pending further studies and investigation.”

Rest in peace, David. 🙁

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