German Shepherd With GoPro Reveals The When Humans Are Away Dogs Don’t Play!

An Ohio couple attached a GoPro to their four-year-old German Shepherd to get a “bird’s eye view” of what their dog went through when they were away! The dog didn’t go and play – quite the opposite – the pooch was extremely stressed out!

This is sad, but provides good insight into what dogs go through when there human parents are away!


Keith Knittle/Youtube

Ashley Brown and Keith Knittel, of Lakewood, put a Go Pro camera on their German Shepherd, Lola, before leaving for dinner. The couple were out for about a half an hour, but the video from Lola’s point of view was eye-opening.

“I hate leaving her alone in the house so that’s why I wanted to see what she did when we were gone, and it broke my heart,” Brown said. “Just knowing that she sits there and spends her day waiting on me to come home, that tugged on my heartstrings.”

In the video the German Shepherd paces up and down – checks the windows and doors in the hope of seeing her owners – and even gets into the closet.

The dog’s delight when the couple arrives home tells the whole story! Lola is so happy and relieved to see her people!

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