Hope for Paws Rescues Beautiful White German Shepherd Abandoned In The Desert!


Another dog is safe again thanks to Hope for Paws. This time it’s a beautiful white German Shepherd who was abandoned in the desert.

For four months, three Good Samaritans tried to rescue the dog they called Venus. Barbie Henderson, Robin Smith, and Tracy McDaneld, had been feeding her and trying to catch her.

The homeless GSD wouldn’t let anyone near her. She was just too scared of humans and every attempt to use a humane trap failed. The poor dog had no shelter to stay cool and safe in, and with the temperatures reaching 100°F, the rescuers had to act fast.


Hope for Paws/Youtube

With no clean water to drink, the poor dog drank from puddles of mud to satisfy her thirst.

The rescuers tried following Venus, but she eluded them and ran away every time. As last resort, Eldad and his team asked for veterinarian Dr. Scott Amsel’s help to tranquilize Venus.

For several hours, the white GSD stayed too close to the busy highway, making it dangerous to use the tranquiller dart. Perhaps the dog was still waiting for the owners who abandoned her. It’s such a heartbreaking sight.


Hope for Paws/Youtube

As soon as it was safe, Dr. Amsel shot the dog with the tranquilizer gun. The rescuers immediately dashed towards the GSD to make sure they didn’t lose sight of her. After two minutes of running, the tranquilizer took effect and Venus collapsed.

The poor dog panicked when the rescue team approached her, but they reassured her that everything would be okay. Once Venus had calmed down, Lisa Arturo, Dr. Amsel, Barbie and Robin carried her to the mobile vet unit, where the vet quickly checked her out.

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Dr. Amsel put the German Shepherd on a drip while his own dogs watched over her.

Once the dog stabilized, the team drove to a nearby hotel for the night.


Hope for Paws/Youtube

When Venus regained consciousness, Eldad started to work on gaining her trust. The pup was very skittish at first, but soon realized she was in safe hands.

At about 3 in the morning, Eldad was woken by an unusual sound in the room. Venus had climbed onto the table and was resting calmly! Venus then began to let Eldad touch her! When she finally accepts human kindness, her face is simply priceless!

The next morning, Venus was ready to leave her sad desert life and begin an awesome life in Los Angeles.

At the Hope for Paws HQ, the white GSD received her first bath in months! Groomer Blake Beridian gave her a bath and blueberry facial!


The beautiful GSD is now in the care of Coastal German Shepherd Rescue. If you are interested in adopting her, please visit http://coastalgsr.org/.

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