Ice for Dogs: Is It A Good Idea for Your German Shepherd?

Hot days can make your German Shepherd feel uneasy and uncomfortable. Then you wonder: is ice for dogs a good idea? Will giving your German Shepherd ice be safe?

Let’s face it. Dogs do not sweat like we do and this makes cooling down harder for them. Dogs release their bodies’ heat by panting and sweating through their paws. It can be a problem during the summer as it may increase the risk of heat stroke in dogs. Keeping your German Shepherd hydrated and cool during hot days by giving him or her ice cubes should help, but is it safe?

Ice for Dogs – Is It Really Safe?

An article saying ice can kill dogs went viral a few years ago. According to thearticle, giving dogs ice can cause dogs to suffer from bloat other injuries – causing dog owners to panic. But according to the ASPCA, giving dogs ice does not increase the risk of Bloat (Gastric Dilatation Volvulus) in dogs.


How to Give Your German Shepherd Ice Safely

Ice is safe for dogs, and if you choose to give your German Shepherd ice, then you might want to take note of a few precautions.

If your German Shepherd is still young and has not fully grown yet, you might want to consider giving him shaved ice instead. There is a small possibility a whole ice cube could get stuck in the throat and cause your German Shepherd to choke.This, however, has only a small of happening. Still, it will be better to look after your German Shepherd puppy while he chews away.

Choosing to give your German Shepherd ice cubes has health benefits too. Aside from cooling your German Shepherd down, chewing ice cubes can be good for the teeth as it helps remove plaque build-up and even relieve the discomfort of teething gums. Just make sure not to give too much ice cubes or iced water if your German Shepherd is still young as he may not be able to handle the extreme coldness.

Feeding a German Shepherd: Considerations You Have to Make

Aside from ice cubes, you may choose to freeze treats instead – or freeze them inside the cubes. Frozen peanut butter, frozen pineapples, frozen bananas and more make yummy and healthy treats. These frozen treats can help them cool down, keep them entertained, and clean the teeth.


Ice When Having a Heat Stroke

Giving your German Shepherd when he is having a heat stroke is definitely a no-no! Also, do not consider putting him in a tub of ice! Choosing to do so will only do worse. The drop in temperature will cause his blood vessels to constrict – further preventing him to cool down. If you suspect your German Shepherd is having a heat stroke, consider it an emergency situation and call your veterinarian immediately. You may also read about Heat Stroke in Dogs.


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