Indianapolis Rescue Shelter Steps Up To Help German Shepherd Puppy With Muscle Atrophy

A German Shepherd puppy with muscle atrophy has been under the care of German Shepherd Rescue Indy, a shelter dedicated to helping German Shepherds in need.

Indianapolis Rescue Shelter Steps Up To Help German Shepherd Puppy With Muscle Atrophy 1

Photo: German Shepherd Rescue Indy

Last week, German Shepherd Rescue Indy founder Amber Marks shared a video of a puppy named Emmie. In the video, Emmie can be seen wobbling and struggling to stand up and walk on her hind legs.

According to German Shepherd Rescue Indy, Emmie’s owners bought her from a breeder who was not able to provide supposed X-rays. The breeder just recommended Emmie’s owners to place a sling under the pup lower body until she gets better.

Sadly, Emmie’s owners could not afford the treatment she will need for her condition so they made the heartbreaking decision to surrender the 3 month-old German Shepherd puppy to the FACE Low-cost Animal Clinic. So German Shepherd Rescue Indy stepped in, determined to find out what’s causing Emmie’s condition and have it treated.

Earlier this week, the German Shepherd puppy was examined. She also had x-rays, which showed that her spinal cord looks good.

“If Emmie is really 12 weeks old, she is very underweight at only 12 pounds. X-rays revealed that her bones are very thin, so thin, Dr. Phillips conveyed it was difficult determining her bones from her colon,” German Shepherd Rescue Indy posted.

Yesterday, they also found that the pup has Giardia. At this point, Amber plans to keep Emmie on a healthy diet and help her exercise for a week to see if there will be any improvements. If she does improve, the weakness of her lower body and hind legs could have been caused by poor nutrition, or being kept in a small enclosure for long periods of time. But if the poor girl doesn’t improve, the vets will have to sedate her and do another x-ray, which will be reviewed by a specialist. A MRI may also be done if needed.

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Emmie has been doing leg exercises every day. Volunteers like Laura Johns would hold the little pup above a tub filled with water so Emma could paddle and move his rear legs.

Despite her condition, Emmie seems to be a happy girl who enjoys the company of the people taking care of her. And just like any puppy, she loves eating ice cream and de-fluffing her toys.

“I’m keeping my hopes high for her,” Amber said.

If you wish to donate for Emmie’s care, please call in your donation to Fountain Square Animal Clinic: (317) 982-5947. You may also visit their website  and hit click on the donate button make sure to type in Emmie’s name and/or the name of other German Shepherds you wish to help.

We wish you the best, Emmie.

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