Keep your German Shepherd Dog Safe This Halloween

While Halloween is a holiday most of us look forward to every year, celebrating it with precaution is a must – especially if you have dogs and little ones. Here are some tips to keep your German Shepherd Dog safe this Halloween.

Consider where to put candles and jack-o-lanterns

It’s best to place candles and jack-o-lanterns out of your German Shepherd’s reach. Your GSD might knock these decorations over and even start a fire.

Never leave your German Shepherd outside on Halloween

There will be a lot of pranksters during Halloween and your dog could be randomly targeted. Strangers may also want to feed and offer your dog treats and candy – and this could be bad for his health.

Keep your German Shepherd in a safe and secure room

Most German Shepherds are smart and obedient but they can be very suspicious of strangers coming in your property. Also, since you’ll be expecting youngsters coming in your property, you will probably choose to leave the gate open.

To be on the safe side, it’s best to keep your German Shepherd in a safe and secure room to avoid any accidents like your German Shepherd escaping your property or biting somebody.

Put your German Shepherd on a leash

In case you want your German Shepherd to join the Halloween fun, we suggest putting him on a leash. That way, it will be easier to control any situation.

But if your German Shepherd has an awesome temperament, you can forget the leash. But make sure to keep a watchful eye on him throughout the celebration.

Should you decide to put on a costume on your German Shepherd, make sure it’s safe

In case you decide to put on a costume on your GS, make sure it fits properly and is making it difficult for him to move. Inspect his costume and make sure that there isn’t any decorative item that he could chew and swallow as some of these items could cause obstructions in their intestine.

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Walk your German Shepherd early

It’s best to walk your German Shepherd early when the sun is still shining. Most likely, chocolates and candy wrappers will be scattered along the streets when the kids start trick or treating. Your GS might find some during walk and eat them. People in costumes can be scary for dogs as well.

Make sure your German Shepherd has proper identifications

It’s always better to be prepared for worst case scenarios so it’s best to put on a collar and tag on your German Shepherd. It’s also a good idea to have his microchip updated. That way, people and authorities can easily contact you in case he dashes out and gets lost.

Halloween is a fun holiday to spend with your German Shepherd. Just make sure to keep it fun yet safe for you, your German Shepherd, and everyone!

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