Mother Cat Introduces Her Kittens To Her Best Friend – A German Shepherd Dog!

In this amazing and heartwarming video, a mother cat introduces her kittens to her best friend – a German Shepherd Dog.

The mother cat is a stray who has spent many years on the streets in Russia. Her best friend is a fellow stray dog.

Cat and dog have such an amazing bond that the mother cat trusts her friend enough to introduce him to her kittens.



Watch in awe as the dog approaches the mother cat and nuzzles her.

One of the kittens then joins in the greeting and the dog lovingly inspects the tiny feline while the mother cat calmly looks on.

There’s absolutely no hint of animosity – it’s just two old friends together again.

When the GSD tries to mouth the kitten, mommy cat puts him in his place with a gentle paw-whack to the face.

With the boundaries set, the dog lies down submissively and allows the kitten to investigate.

The adult mother cat is so comfortable with the situation that she walks away as a second curious kitten approaches the GSD.

The awesome dog allows the little kittens to explore him fully – they sniff, claw and paw – while the dog gives gentle licks and nudges in return.

Going into play mode, the pooch rolls onto his back offering gentle nudges with his paws as the tiny felines play.

It’s just amazing how much this cat trust her GSD friend. They must have walked a long, perhaps hard, road together!

What an awesome protector these little kitties have!

This is beyond sweet and adorable – it’s just amazing!

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