Naughty Cat Steals German Shepherd Dog’s Bed And He Isn’t Very Happy About It!


In this video, one naughty cat steals a German Shepherd dog’s bed and he’s clearly not happy about it.

Sometimes, no matter how big you are, you just can’t win a fight – especially if it’s against a feisty cat.

A 5-month-old German Shepherd pup found himself in the middle of a pounce-y and bouncy fight against the house cat. The feline has taken over his bed and he definitely wants it back!

Naughty Cat Steals German Shepherd Dogs Bed And He Isnt Very Happy About It

Rumble Viral/Youtube

In an attempt to take over his precious bed, he barks at the cat – jumping from one side to another to avoid the feline’s wrath.

But no matter how loud he barks and how much he pounces, the cat remains unfazed and keeps on fighting back.

Sorry, little pup. Perhaps you can ask mom to buy you another one?

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