Quasi the German Shepherd With Short Spine Lives A Happy Life

Meet Quasi! This handsome German Shepherd with Short Spine Syndrome has stolen the hearts of thousands of dog lovers all around the world. Although we may be slightly in love with German Shepherds, there is no denying that all dogs are beautiful no matter their shape, size, or color.

Quasi or Quasimodo was found as a stray in Kentucky. He was elusive and it took the rescuers 5 days to catch him in December 2015. When he was caught, he had a collar embedded into his neck. The staff assumed the GSD’s skin grew around the collar but luckily, they were remove it.

The staff who took care of the German Shepherd believed that the his appearance is most likely caused by living in a small kennel prior his rescue. But the special German Shepherd was later diagnosed with Short Spine Syndrome, a condition that only affects a total of 14 dogs worldwide.

On January 28, 2016, Quasi arrived at Secondhand Hounds  shelter in Eden Prairie, Minnesota, a rescue that helps special need dogs. Sara Anderson, the large-breed foster coordinator for Secondhand Hounds, said she was contacted to take in the unique dog

“Born different but never knowing any other way, he seeks to please the people who have shown him kind hands and warm hearts,” Anderson said.

After a few weeks, the German Shepherd underwent surgery to have his neck clipped and cleaned to help the skin heal from his collar wound. The unique pooch was neutered. Aside from those procedures, he also saw a specialist to see if his screw tail could be fixed.

Secondhand Hounds created a Facebook page for the Quasi, who is named after the protagonist of Victor Hugo’s The Hunchback of Notre Dame, to document his life.

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“Quasi is missing a couple of vertebra in his back, but that is not causing him pain. His back cannot be surgically repaired,” Quasi the Great’s Facebook page says.

While Quasi does not really feel pain, experts are curious about his condition. According to CNN, the German Shepherd was seen by a human geneticist at University of California to study his blood in an attempt to determine the cause of Short Spine Syndrome.

The German Shepherd has been staying with Rachel Mairose  of Secondhand Hounds and her family since last year. Quasi cannot turn his head, but aside from that disability, his condition does not affect his everyday activities.

Quasi’s Facebook page, Quasi the Great, has more than 300,000 followers on Facebook. Not only does the page share glimpses of the dog’s everyday life, it also spreads awareness about other special-need dogs’ stories to help them get the support they need.

Live long and happy, Quasi!

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