Rescue Group Saves German Shepherd Mix Left To Die Beside A Dumpster

In New Haven, Connecticut, a male German Shepherd mix who was left to die beside a dumpster is now under the care of a rescue group.

The German Shepherd mix was found almost lifeless and wrapped in a tarpaulin beside a dumpster in Fair Haven on Sunday, October 23. A neighbor took a photo of the poor dog and contacted Super Paws Rescue to ask for help.

Volunteers of Super Paws Rescue came to the German Shepherd mix’s rescue and named him Frankie. They rushed him to Central Hospital for Veterinary Medicine in North Haven.

Rescue Group Saves German Shepherd Mix Left To Die Beside A Dumpster

Glorianne Lagnese/Youcaring

“The person caring for him claims he is not hers, that he belongs to a family member. She says he is 14-16 years old and developed arthritis and couldn’t walk, so they left him outside to die,” the group’s president, Glorianne Lagnese, wrote in Frankie’s YouCaring page.

Lagnese added that judging from photos she was sent, she would estimate Frankie was only 40 pounds – that’s about half the weight of a healthy adult German Shepherd.

Poor Frankie has “lost all body mass, and he can barely even lift his head,” Lagnese said.

The New Haven Police Department could not give comment case because the city’s animal shelter had not received any complaints related to the dog.

Super Paws Rescue launched a fundraising page for Frankie’s medical costs.

“He is in grim shape and being stabilized before treatment can begin. He may have cancer on top of all the other medical issues he’s suffered from clear abuse and starvation,” Lagnese wrote in the page.

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The good news is Frank may be starting to recover gradually.

“Frank is showing signs of improvement this evening. He ate a little, and is drinking on his own. We are from out of the woods. Please keep praying. Thank you for all your support,” Super Paws Adoption Coordinator Katie Ouellette wrote in a post.

If you wish to contribute to Frank’s fund, you may visit this his YouCaring page to donate.

Get well soon, Frank.

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