Skunk Spray Remedy: What to Do If Your German Shepherd Gets Skunked

Has your German Shepherd ever been skunked? This skunk spray remedy can help get rid of the stench!

Dogs can be very curious and this can sometimes lead to trouble. Like other dogs, German Shepherds like following their noses. Dog noses are so powerful that they can even detect cancer and other health issues in humans that is why it won’t surprise us if your dog is able to track other animals like skunks.

Dogs do like following scents but it does not mean they like every smell. While dogs love stinky stuff, they do not really like skunk spray in its purest form and they do hate it as much as we do.


How to Make an Effective Skunk Spray Remedy

The bad news is when skunks spray, the scent very much sticks to the things, people, or animals they sprayed it to. The stench can be pretty hard to get rid of if you’re going to use regular soaps. But do not fret, as using this solution should help get rid of the pungent smell.

To make a solution to get rid of skunk scent, you will need to mix the following:

  • a quart of 3%Hydrogen Peroxide,
  • 2 tsp of liquid or dishwashing soap,
  • ¼ cup baking soda.

Make sure not to let your German Shepherd inside the house while he or she still smells terrible because the scent could linger in your home even after washing your dog. Then, wet your German Shepherd and apply the mixture on his or her fur. The scent should be gone almost immediately. Let the solution stay for at least 5 minutes and rinse.

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How Does This Solution Work as a Skunk Spray Remedy

You might be wondering how this solution works. Luckily, MythBusters was able to provide a short answer.

According to Mythbusters, “The oxygen molecules in the soapy solution neutralized the skunk scent by bonding to those terrible thiols. By altering that chemical makeup, this stink-fighting antidote made the smell quickly disappear.”

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