Smart German Shepherd Tells Dad He’s Hungry!

Watch as this smart German Shepherd tells dad he’s hungry!

It’s mid-day and this German Shepherd wants to have his second breakfast.

He is hungry. He wants food and he wants it now.

Looking at dad, the pooch would tap his food bowl.

Amused by the German Shepherd‘s action, dad asks him, “Can I help you with something?”

The pooch then responds with an absolutely adorable head tilt.

It seems that dad still doesn’t get what the pooch is trying to say so the GSD decides to nudge dad’s hand. Then, the GSD points his nose to pantry — signalling dad to open it up and pick up his food.

Dad then opens it up and the pooch soon points his nose on the dog food container.

Smart German Shepherd Tells Dad Hes Hungry


Sadly, despite all the dog’s efforts, dad still doesn’t get it — or should we say he refuses to get it?

After a few seconds, dad finally understands what the GSD is saying.

“You want some food?” dad asks.

The German Shepherd then responds with an affirmative bark!

“It is mid-day and you’re hungry again?” dad tells the pooch.

But the German Shepherd is persistent. He really wants to eat!

The pooch then circles back to his food bowl, tapping it and hoping dad will give in to his tummy’s desires.

Luckily, dad loves him so much so he proceeds to give him some.

Awww. What a lucky boy!

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