Sweet German Shepherd Tucks Baby In!

Watch as this sweet German Shepherd tucks his human baby brother in!

Meet Baron!It’s bed time for this pooch and his little brother, Zander.

These boys are the best-est of friends and they follow a nice, sweet nightly routine before getting their Zzzz’s.


Baron the German Shepherd/Youtube

Before going to bed, the GSD and the boy clean up and pick up their toys.

The two then kneel down by the bed and say their bedtime prayers. The loving GSD can be seen lowering his head down as Zander says his prayers.

Then it’s time to tuck little Zander in. The GSD does an awesome job making sure the blanket covers the little boy’s body.

Zander then proceeds to read Baron a bedtime story and the loving GSD listens intently! Baron sure loves it when Zander reads him books.

Here comes everybody’s favorite part of going to bed – good night kisses! See Baron give the kid lots of doggie love and kisses! Zander can’t help but giggle in delight!

After minutes of love and sweetness, it’s really time for sleep. The German Shepherd runs off to the light switch and flicks the lights off.

Good night Baron and Zander!

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