Teaching Your German Shepherd the Go Down Command

Once you are successful in teaching the Sit Command, teaching your German Shepherd the Go Down Command is next.

Teaching your German Shepherd the Go Down on command is important in honing your German Shepherd’s behavior. Teaching this command should help you establish your leadership with your German Shepherd, as well as a way to keep him from harming himself in the future.

The Go Down Command will be very helpful in your everyday life if your German Shepherd:

  • Gets very excited with random stimuli,
  • Is a terrific escape artist,
  • Is prone to displaying dominance over you and other member of the household,
  • Has the tendency to run off every chance he gets.

Aside from taming excitable dogs, teaching the Go Down command also helps calm down fearful and nervous dogs.


Items You’ll Need to Your German Shepherd the Go Down Command

  • Collar or Harness,
  • Treats,
  • Leash,
  • And a mat (optional).

Do note that training your German Shepherd in a safe and quiet place is important to make sure that he or she is focused on you and what you are saying.


Teaching your German Shepherd the Go Down Command

To teach your German Shepherd to the Go Down Command, please follow these steps:

  • Put on a collar or a harness on your German Shepherd and attach the leash onto it.
  • Say the Sit Command and give him a treat as a reward.
  • Hold another treat and show it to your Bulldog.
  • Say the word “Down” as you lower the treat down –pulling the leash gently as you guide your German Shepherd to go down.
  • If your German Shepherd won’t budge, you will have to give him more encouraging “pull”.
  • Pull your German Shepherd’s front legs forward and gently place pressure on his shoulder blade to encourage him to go down.
  • Praise your German Shepherd and reward him or her if he or she was able Go Down correctly.
  • Practice more.
Training Your German Shepherd To Be A Guard Dog

Make your German Shepherd stay on that position for at least five seconds before increasing the time in the succeeding sessions.

When your German Shepherd finally understands the Go Down command,you may opt to practice giving the command in other places such as the park, pet store, or the front yard. If you’re taking your German Shepherd for an outdoor practice for the first time, make sure the place is secure and fenced. Or, you make sure that your German Shepherd is always on a leash so he does not run off. With more practice, your German Shepherd should be able to Go Down on command and stay put wherever he is.

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