Teaching your German Shepherd the Sit Command

Teaching your German Shepherd the Sit Command is really easy, that’s why this command is the most common trick owners teach their dogs.

Teaching your German Shepherd the Sit Command is the first step into teaching him or her obedience and stopping him from displaying undesirable behavior. In this post, we’ll share three ways to teach your German Shepherd the Sit Command. Before starting, it is important to start the training in a quiet place, where there is little to no distraction to make sure your German Shepherd is focused on you and the things you say.Also, do prepare treats to reward your German Shepherd every time he obeys your command.

Teach your German Shepherd to Sit from a Standing Position

Teaching your German Shepherd the Sit Command starting from a standing position is the easiest way to do it.  To do this, just follow these steps:

  • Stand straight in front of your German Shepherd.
  • Make sure you and your German Shepherd are facing one another.
  • Show your German Shepherd a treat in your hand and hold it a few inches from his nose – just far enough to not let him snatch it away from you.
  • Move your hand – -the one holding the treat – slowly above your German Shepherd’s head and say “Sit”. By doing this, your German Shepherd should look up while sitting or positioning to sit.
  • Once your German Shepherd sits fully, praise his or her obedience and give him or her the treat.

Remember, consistency is very important in dog training so practicing is key. Positive reinforcement using treats should make your German Shepherd realize that obeying the Sit Command is equivalent to receiving a treat.

Teaching your German Shepherd the Sit Command starting from the Down Position

This is the less common method in teaching dogs the Sit Command. But we have to consider that not all dogs learn in the same manner and some prefer learning tricks and commands in different ways, which is why this training method may still come in handy. To teach your German Shepherd to sit on command from the Down Position, you may follow these steps:

  • Face your German Shepherd with a treat on your hand.
  • Move your hand – the one holding the treats – a few inches away from your German Shepherd’s face.
  • Then, move the same hand above your GS’s head.
  • Your German Shepherd should focus on the treat and get up to a sitting position as he follows the treat with his eye.
  • Reward your German Shepherd.
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Saying “Sit” As Your German Shepherd is About to Sit

For this method, timing is important. As soon as you see your German Shepherd prepare to sit, say the command “Sit” and reward him or her with a treat after.

With this method, your German Shepherd will eventually associate the command with sitting and receiving a reward.

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