Teaching Your German Shepherd to Come on Command

Teaching your German Shepherd to come on command requires consistency. It is one of the harder commands to perfect but it is not impossible especially when done using positive reinforcement.

Items You’ll Need to Teach Your German Shepherd to Come on Command

To teach your German Shepherd to come on command, you will need the following items:

  • Harness/Collar,
  • A long leash or line that is 25 foot-long,
  • And Treats.


Steps in Teaching Your German Shepherd to Come on Command

  • When practicing this command for the first time, do it indoors. Attach the leash or the line to your German Shepherd’s collar or harness and let him or her explore the house.
  • Gently tug or pull the line as you say the command “Come”.
  • If your German Shepherd obliges and immediate runs back to you, give him or her a treat as a reward, and praise him.
  • If your first attempt was not successful, let your German Shepherd roam around for a bit longer before trying out the “command and tug” combination once again. Repeat this step until your German Shepherd finally gets it.

Never ever lose your patience and remember to keep calm no matter how long it takes for your German Shepherd to understand the command. Punishing your German Shepherd for disobedience will only send him the wrong message and will further discourage him from doing what you are telling him.


Practice the Come Command Outdoors

If you are already confident about your German Shepherd’s obedience, then practicing the come command outdoors is recommended. To do this, walk your German Shepherd – still with the long line or leash – around the village or park to let him explore. Walk for about 15 minutes, say “come” and gently pull the line/leash to tell your German Shepherd to come to you. If your GS obeys, give him or her a treat as a reward and praise him or her. Practice the Come Command at least three times every time you go out for a walk.

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