Tips to Minimize Shedding in German Shepherds

Want some tips to minimize shedding in German Shepherds?

German Shepherds are jack of all trades. They’re adorable, intelligent, strong, good with kids, and very versatile. Unfortunately, that much awesomeness comes with a price – they are heavy shedders.

Sometimes, we call German Shepherd fur “magical fibers of joy and love” as a way to laugh off the amount of fur they shed. It can be troublesome at times especially if you sleep with your GS, or when you’re about to go out for an important event. There’s just dog hair everywhere! So here are a few tips to minimize shedding in German Shepherds.


Give your German Shepherd a high-quality diet.

Yep, diet has something to do with the amount of fur your German Shepherd is shedding. Feeding your GS a high protein diet of lamb, chicken, or beef kibble will help keep his or her coat healthy.


Invest on a high-quality dog hair brush.

You may opt to get a grooming rake, shedding blade, and a regular dog brush or cob. If your German Shepherd has a thick coat, you may prefer using a metal comb.

The grooming rake is for pulling out loose undercoat while the shedding blade helps remove loose hairs. On the other hand, a regular dog brush or comb will keep your German Shepherd’s fur neat.

Wiping your German Shepherd’s fur with a damp washcloth is also a good finish to remove loose, flaky skin and leftover fluff.


Brush your German Shepherd’s coat every day.

German Shepherds are continuous shedders so brushing your German Shepherd every day will help remove dead fur as soon as you brush them – thus, minimizing shedding.

Regular brushing also has good benefits for your German Shepherd’s skin. Just use the grooming rake brush to brush against the direction of your GSD’s hair. Be careful when brushing any matted fur to avoid hurting you GS.

How to Care for Your German Shepherd


Don’t over-bathe your German Shepherd.

Depending on the activity of your German Shepherd and your location, the breed doesn’t really need lots of baths.

Bathe your GSD only when you need to: if he’s too dirty, dusty, stinky, if his coat is too greasy. Remember to use a mild oatmeal or aloe shampoo as German Shepherds can be allergic to wheat.

In case your GSD, rolled on to something really nasty, just clean the dirty or stinky spot. You can use scented cleaning wipes for dogs to clean the specific spots. You may also use a damp wash cloth with a bit of dog shampoo to wipe the area.


When to take your GSD to the vet?

There are different skin conditions that makes German Shepherds shed a lot – to a point that they’re losing patches of hair until they’re bald. If your GSD is showing any of the signs below, it’s best to take him or her to the vet.

  • Bald spots in your GSD’s coat,
  • Reddish and inflamed skin,
  • Smelly skin discharge,
  • Too much scratching and shaking,
  • Dry and flaky skin that results to raw wounds.

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