Training Your German Shepherd To Pee Outside

To live a harmonious and good life with him, training your German Shepherd to pee outside is something you must do. German Shepherd puppies are not only cute, they are smart, too. These dogs have great potential in different fields of work and as companions.

Seeing poop and puddles of pee inside the house can be nerve-wracking. You remember taking your German Shepherd puppy outside early this morning but he still keeps relieving himself inside the house! What should you do?


How Often Do German Shepherd Puppies Go Potty?

The first thing you should consider is that puppies have to go every couple of hours. Young German Shepherd puppies have small bladders and depending on their age, they will need to go out and relieve themselves every 2 to 3 hours. This means you’ll have to take your GS pup outside numerous times a day.


How to Know if your German Shepherd Puppy is About to Relieve Himself

Young puppies and even adult dogs feel the urge to relieve themselves after meal. But young puppies will need to go every couple of hours. Listed below are the signs your German Shepherd puppy may show when he is about to poop or pee:

  • Continuously sniffing the floor,
  • Circling,
  • Trotting around.

These signs can happen in just a few seconds so be very observant and keep a watchful eye on of these signs so you can take your puppy outdoors immediately. Do note that some puppies do not show signs as some of them do not feel that sensation pee or relieve themselves until they grow bigger and older.


Possible Reasons Why a German Shepherd May Refuse to Pee or Poop Outside

If your German Shepherd dog refuses to go potty outside, there could be different reasons behind this including:

  • Fear,
  • Preference,
  • And weather.

Training Your German Shepherd Puppy to Pee Outside

Adults, German Shepherds can be tough and fearless. But as small puppies, they are still small, innocent, and can easily get scared so it’s best not to leave your German Shepherd puppy outside alone.

Teaching Your German Shepherd the Go Down Command

To train your German Shepherd puppy to pee outside, you will need to accompany him outside. Leaving him alone can cause trouble as he might end up scratching up your door in an attempt to go back inside – or worse, our GS pup might get stolen.

By accompanying your German Shepherd puppy, you are letting him feel at ease and get used to relieving himself outside. Do note that dogs feel vulnerable when they pee and poop so having your company while they do it outdoors is important. Be patient as your German Shepherd puppy might need time to get used to his surroundings.

When your German Shepherd finally finishes his business, wait for 10 to 15 minutes more to make sure he has let it all out for that session.


Should You Let Your German Shepherd Puppy Out to Relieve Himself When It’s Cold Outside?

If it is too cold outside and you think it’s too harsh for your German Shepherd puppy, then it’s best not to let him out. Young puppies can get easily sick in the cold. Buying a potty trainer may be useful – especially for this kind of situation. Potty trainers also come with a grassy cover so your German Shepherd puppy should feel comfortable peeing on it.

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