Why are Dog Noses Wet? Is Your German Shepherd’s Nose Always Wet?

Why are dog noses wet? Sometimes we cannot help but wonder about so many things about or dogs and being curious about their nose is only one of those things. If your love dogs in general, then you probably find dog noses cute and you are probably wondering why they are wet.

The reason why dog noses are always wet has been so asked any times that dog behavior expert and researcher Dr. Stanley Coren penned a tale about it. According to Dr. Coren:

“During the great flood, Noah tasked the dogs to patrol the ark to keep everyone safe. One day, while the dogs were patrolling, they found a small hole – the size of coin – in the ark.

One dog immediately plugged the hole with his little nose while the other one ran back to Noah to alert him and ask for help. When Noah arrived, he patched the hole in time –saving everybody in the ark.

So as a reward, God made dog noses cold and wet.”

Legends and tales aside, there are different explanations behind the wetness of dog noses and here are some.

Your German Shepherd Dog’s nose is wet because it’s how he or she cools down

Unlike humans, our dogs’ bodies do not have sweat glands so they cool down in some ways different. Just like other dogs, German Shepherds cool their bodies down by:

  • Sweating through their paws,
  • Panting,
  • And letting their body’s heat evaporate through their wet noses.

Inside their noses, dogs have special mucous glands, more specifically in their nostrils. These glands produce that clear fluid coming from your German Shepherd’s nose and this watery fluid helps the body cool down faster.

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Your German Shepherd Dog’s nose is wet because he or she licks it all the time

Yep, dogs do lick their noses a lot. Since dogs mostly rely on their sense of smell, it is expected for them to put their noses wherever it leads them, whether it is under the table, into the dirt, inside the bushes, and even in your shoes. You German Shepherd will lick his or her nose to keep it clean.


Your German Shepherd Dog’s nose gets moist and wet on its own to help gather scent

A dog’s nose is very powerful for a reason. The anatomy of our doggies’ noses do contribute in their exceptional talent. Dog noses produce mucus to help them smell scents better. Dog experts believe that the moisture produced by the nose helps our dogs absorb tiny water droplets in the air that carry scents. The fluid their noses produce makes the slightest hint of a scent easier to detect.

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