Living with a German Shepherd: How to Make Your Home Pet-Friendly

Living with a German Shepherd and bringing one home is not just about having someone to play fetch with. These furry pals need our utmost attention, love and devotion. As a responsible pet owner, it is your job to provide your pet a safe and comfortable environment to live in. Rest assured, making your home pet-friendly is fairly simple and is similar to baby-proofing the house.

Pet proofing the house will keep your German shepherd from getting into all kinds of accidents and will restrict their access to your personal belongings. If you are getting a new dog or are looking for ways to make your German shepherd more comfortable at home, here is how you should go about:

Get a Trash Can with a Lid

One of the easiest ways to make your house pet friendly is by getting a trash can your dog cannot open. Dogs enjoy rummaging through the trash cans for leftovers and delicious human treats nobody lets them have on the table. Human food can often be poisonous for dogs, and not to mention eating out of the trash can make your dog sick, causing them to vomit all around the house, resulting in intestinal blockage.

An effective solution is to get a pull-out trash can or simplya trash can your dog cannot open. If your dog still manages to root in through the garbage, it is time you hide the trash can in the cabinets below the sink. Additionally, candy bowls, chocolates and other treats should always be stored in cabinets, out of the dog’s reach. Ingestion of chocolates and other sweet treats can cause serious problems, ranging from diarrhea to seizures.

Crate Training

It is no secret that German Shepherds are loyal dogs that love spending time with their owners. Unfortunately, this makes them highly prone to separation anxiety when left alone for long periods of time. Because German Shepherds are known to become anxious and restless without their owners, crate training is the perfect solution to ensure your pet remains calm and peaceful at home.

Fill your dog’s crate with tons of treats and chew toys to keep them busy while you are away. Additionally, crate training your pet will prevent them from ruining the furniture or getting themselves in trouble when they are left unsupervised.

Store Away Antiques

If you are bringing home a German shepherd, store away all your expensive China and antiques in the basement. If you absolutely must display them, use a high encased shelf to do so. German Shepherds are large dogs that can knock down practically anything that is within their reach, hence store away collectables and expensive vases in hard to reach spots. This is will not only reduce the risk of breakage but will also keep your dog from getting injured.

Purchase a Dog Bed

Like humans, dogs seek comfort and relaxation which is why they enjoy napping on their owner’s beds and couches. If you are tired of having to sleep on a bed that is covered in fur, consider investing in a dog bed for your German shepherd. Not only will it provide your dog with added comfort and privacy but an orthopedic dog bed can prevent bone related disorders and will keep your dog healthy and happy.

While purchasing a dog bed, pay close attention to the size and the material. Memory foam beds are popular today though they might be a little more expensive. After you decide on a dog bed, place it in a quiet spot away from distractions and direct sunlight so your dog can sleep peacefully. Place a bowl of water and some snacks nearby in case your pet gets hungry or thirsty while you are asleep.

Avoid White

Let’s face it, eventually you will have to get accustomed to the stains and shedding. Purchasing fabrics, rugs and bedding in different colors and patterns help hide stains and unwanted dog hair. Ensure you get rugs that can easily be cleaned and vacuum. German Shepherds are heavy shedders hence you must vacuum the house daily to get rid of unwanted dog hair and dander. This will not only reduce the risk of allergies but will help create a more comfortable home for you and your pet.

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